Brainstorming to find your website topic

Before you begin Remember this:

The hardest part about making money with a website is not making money with a website. The hardest part is sticking with it. You can't expect to put up a website and within a couple of days have thousands of visitors come and buy stuff from you -It just doesn't work that way.

The biggest cause of failure for a revenue earning website is this: The webmaster gives up.

What's the solution to this?

You have to find a subject that you are truly interested in.

So this is the first step you take and it is the most important. If you are jazzed up about the subject you are more likely to keep after it. And with time you will see the money start to come in. Why will you see the money come in? Because other people are interested in the same subject. And people crave new information on that subject. They will spend endless hours searching for it. They will find you!

And why will you keep after it and keep pushing your website? Because you see that you truly have something of value to offer to people. You will believe in your site!

Take a deep breath and don't let the doubt monster creep in.

I have read way too many get rich quick ebooks, promotions, newsletters, emails, circulars and brochures and I realize that what I am saying is exactly the opposite of what they are saying. They always say "don't try to reinvent the wheel. Find a program that someone else has done and copy it. Use their successful methods as a template to make yourself successful. This way you only spend 5 hours a week and watch the money roll in".

Don't listen to any of that. Remember we have a cardinal rule:

Offer your web visitor something of value and you will make money.

No money for nothing here.


Part 1 What subject should you choose

So let's find your subject and your approach.

Get a sheet of paper or open up an application that you can write notes in. Now write down a big list of things you are interested in. Let me get you going. Here are some examples.


  • Travel
  • Cats/Dogs/horses
  • Oil Painting
  • Weddings
  • Television
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Search Engines
  • Astronomy
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Interesting people
  • Movies
  • Cult Films
  • Posters
  • Monster Trucks
  • Hummels
  • Dolls
  • Doll Houses
  • Baseball Cards
  • Video Games
  • Time Management
  • Creativity
  • Alaska

Can you see the point here? There are ten thousand different things we can list. What is your list like? Is it really big? If so thiat is great!

Do your list now.

Now take a good look at it and pare it down to two or three of the ones that most interest you. Which two or three are the ones that you spend the most time on? Which ones get you the most excited.

Put this thought out of your mind: Which ones can make money

At no time should you consider the earning potential of any of ideas on your list. Every single one of them will make money -if you are interested enough, and if you keep at it.

Now take your top two or three and search the internet for websites on this subject. Don't make any consideration about competition. In other words don't think in your mind that there are already plenty of sites out there on that subject so I will never be able to make money.

The exact opposite is true: If there are plenty of sites on the web about your subject it is a sure guarantee that you will make money. Why? Because there is a lot of interest in your subject and you are going to add real value to this subject. That means people will find you and people will pay!

Now take a look at these websites. Do not look at the design, layout or feel of the sites. Just look at the content. Do they offer interesting articles? Tutorials? Information? Hint's? Tips? Resources?

Because this is a subject you are interested in and know something about you can judge the content. Is there value there?

Take notes. What good stuff is there? What stuff would you like to see there? What specifically are you interested in finding?

Now ask yourself this question: Could you find fulfillment by having a website like these?
If the answer is yes then you are ready to move on to the second part of this chapter. If the answer is no then go back to your list of subject and research some different ones.

Part 2 What approach should you take?

What do I mean by approach?

I mean that you have a subject and now you have to figure out which way you will approach this subject. What kinds of things can people do and see about the subject?

There are many angles we can approach this subject from -ways that a website lends itself to very easily.

  • Just general information about the subject
  • A place where people can shop for things on the subject
  • How to's and tutorials on the subject
  • Meet other people with the same interest
  • chat about the subject
  • get the latest information on the subject
  • research the subject
  • compare prices
  • auction stuff related to the subject
  • People can post their knowledge about the subject
  • improvement of themselves as it relates to the subject
  • Learn new things about subject
  • find out about advances, changes and future developments of the subject
  • reviews of works, books, movies, essays on the subject

These are the value component of your website. You can see how if you focus on one or more of these things you will be giving something of value to your web visitor.

Here is my recommendation: You should choose only one or two of these angles for now. As your website grows and your skills and knowledge grow you can add more angles.

Just keep it simple for now so you don't get overwhelmed.

So write it down. This is your vision statement.

My website is on the subject of:________________ and I am going to approach it from the angle of:______________________.

Congratulations! You now have a sharp and focused website idea. Believe me, the hardest part is done. You are passionate about this idea and you will make a lot of great content for this site. People will come and you will make money. And most importantly; you will stick with it.

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