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How you place google ads and banner ads on your web pages can have a dramatic effect on your sales. And the first thing I have to tell you is that you must track the performance of your ads. You have to keep track of what ads you have where and how they do. And to optimize your ad performance you have to experiment. I strongly recommend you keep a spreadsheet of the data.

Quick note: Never use any deceptive measures to get your customers to click on banners or google ads. Be honest with your customers and your affiliates. You are building a long term relationship with both of them.

Almost every affiliate and advertising program offers you the ability to examine your statistics with your ads. You can look at the impressions that each ad has and see the click thru rate. This click thru rate is a critical piece of information. It helps you understand how effective your ad placement is.

In general, your goal is to get the click thru rate to increase -once you pass your web browser to your affiliate it is up to them to make the sale and they are very good at it. But you first have to get your customer to click on the banner or ad.

Remember: Every website is different and every customer is different so you have to experiment with your ads to find maximum click thru rate. But there are some rules of thumb that can be very helpful.

Some Guidelines and Advice for Ad Placement

The Google Heat Map This is a heat map recommended by Google. It shows the best areas that google ads should be placed on your page (For Maximum Results). The darker the color the better the placement.







Some Tips:

  • More ads on a page does not necessarily mean more income
  • Your ads have to be targeted to the content of the page to be effective
  • Larger ads are not necessarily better
  • Test, test, and test some more - experiment and keep track


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