Rafting The Amazon - How to Use Amazon.com Affiliate Code in your Web Builder Websites

You have your own website and you are not an expert with Dreamweaver, Frontpage and all that web design stuff so you use the Pre-made web design software that comes with your website hosting package.

For a beginner to web design or a person that doesn't have the time to learn HTML and all that programming stuff the option to use premade templates and webpage creation programs are great. You can get a great looking website up in no time. But these premade template packages can be a little tricky to integrate well with your Amazon.com affiliate code. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get successful links and pictures to products up on your website.

About Easy Site Building Programs

A site builder program is a program that runs on your webhosting company's server. You input all kinds of information like your about me page, your main pages, and other pages. You upload pictures and write in text. Then you press some kind of a Submit button and all that stuff gets loaded into your website.

It might look something like this. There are lots of buttons in the toolbar that you can use to modify the stuff you are working on. The first thing you should do when trying to put affiliate linking code into your website is check to see if there is an option to input HTML code. This would be a button.

Your affiliate code from Amazon is in a language called HTML and if you try to put that code right into your webpage it probably won't work properly. The web site bulder program can't understand it properly. If you have a button for HTML then you can press that button and enter your affiliate code and the web builder program will probably interpret it right. If your web builder has the HTML option you should try it, and input some code, publish the page and see if it works correctly. If it does then you are golden and you don't need to continue with this tutorial But if you have no HTML option or just can't get it to work right don't worry I will show you how to get it to work so just continue on.

Note: The web builder I show in the picture above doesn't have the HTML option so it is perfect for this tutorial.


This is what you are trying to do. Something like this. You go to the amazon.com associate site and you want to get a nice looking advertisement like this one to put on your website. (That's my first novel) ;)

and what you get from amazon.com is a bunch of code like this:

<iframe src="http://rcm-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/cm?t=stormthecastl-20&o=1&p=8&l=as1&asins=0595238882&fc1=000000&IS2=1
style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Holy Macaroni! No wonder your web builder doesn't know what is going on!

You are on the amazon website and this is what you get. So you highlight the code and you paste it into your website and it doesn't work - eek!

There are three checkboxes in 1. Select Link Type and you might want to opt for either 2 or 3. These options do not use the IFRAME java script and they might work in your web builder program. So maybe go ahead and give that a try. If this still doesn't work then no problem at all I will show you exactly how to get your links up.

I am going to show you a neat little work around that will get your amazon.com links up and running.



Heres a bit of code that you will need but don't worry it is very easy: (copy and paste this code somewhere, you are going to use it a lot)


This is a piece of easy link code that is going to work great in your site builder program. But notice a couple of things. Every time you create a link to a new product you have to change two of the variables here, the blue one and the red one.

The Red Code is very important! I currently have my affiliate ID there. You have to replace this ID with your ID all the time. If you leave that code as stormthecastl-20 I won't mind at all because I will get credit for all the selling you do!! So change that code to your affiliate code if you want to get credit with Amazon. This code is how amazon.com knows you referred a buyer to them and therefore gives you a percentage of the sale.

Now the number in blue (always a ten digit number) is the amazon number of the product you want to advertise. This will change with each product. The number you see in my example is the ASIN number for my first novel. So you put the ASIN number of the product you want to advertise right in there, take my ten digit number out and put your ten digit number in.

So how do you find the ASIN number of your product? There are plenty of ways to do this and you can even do it without logging into your Amazon account. You just find the product you want on the Amazon website and then go through the information about it. It will say ISBN-10: xxxxxxxxxx or ASIN:xxxxxxxxxx (remember it is always ten digits)



Here is an example of the ASIN from my second novel. I just looked it up on amazon. it is: 184728079X




You can also get the ASIN code right out of the crazy list of html that amazon gives you.

The image above shows the HTML code from Amazon. See the part that says: "asins=184728079X"

There you go, the ASIN for this book is 184728079X    So you can just enter that number into the line of code I gave you.

Okay, The graphics on this page are getting way too big and the page is almost 100K in size so let's continue with this tutorial on the next page.

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