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One of the biggest challenges you face as a little webmaster with big dreams is the crunch of never having enough time to get all the things done that you want to get done. You of course realize that your time is very valuable and you have to spend it wisely. And one of the things you have to figure out is where to spend your time and and what projects.

This can be a bit of a challenge because, as you may know, the paredo principle applies to web work and home businesses too. The paredo principal says that 20% of what you do will give you 80% of your results. Yup, and it's totally true. So 20% of your time is actually effective while the other 80% of your time doesn't get much done. It's a very simple thing.

What you have to do is make sure your time is spent very effectively so you get maximum gain. And one of the things you should do, as I do, is identify things that will give you multiple benefits from the same amount of time.

This is easy to do when it comes to a website. Let me explain.

Re-tooling information

This is an effective tool for getting multiple use out of work. Let's say you write an article about your subject. You submit this article to article directories and that is use #1, but you should also put it on your website and that is use #2. Have a blog? Put it there too and that is use #3. Have a newsletter? use #4 .See what I am getting at here? And I recommend you don't just copy and paste it. Spend a little time and tailor it to the separate audiences.

But re-tooling doesn't end at different online locations. It is also very effective in different media. Is it a long article? Or do you have a lot of articles? Create a pdf with them and offer it as a free download to your web or blog visitors. What about reading it into an audio capture program and then distributing it as an audio podcast or episode? Hey, it really doesn't stop there. You should consider making a video of you reading the article. Video is very popular and very effective.

All of that is pretty easy so let's dig deeper and look at information itself. You can actually get an astonishing breadth of information from the same project by crossing different information meta tags.

Wow! Information meta tags! What the heck is that all about?

Let me explain :)

I have a lot of different pursuits and many of them are laid out in my websites. Diorama making is one of these pursuits and I have lots of tutorials on diorama making. But I also have lots of medieval castle stuff. Can I do one project that can give me benefits for both of these subjects? Yup, and I am sure you can see it coming. I can do a tutorial on how to make a medieval castle diorama! Voila. I can put this tutorial in both my diorama area, and my medieval castle area. !! Almost the same amount of work yet I get twice the content and I draw the interest of medieval castle people and of diorama people. I just need to do some rewriting so the focus is correct depending on the audience.

Want another example? How about classical guitar and medieval things :) Hey I could write some things about classical guitar in the medieval period and I have an article that is suitable for both websites! Same applies for videos of me playing classical guitar pieces.

Okay, so it is one thing to re-format content into different media like blogs, sites, articles, pdf's, ebooks, videos etc. But that isn't the only thing you should do. Try to identify how you can multiply the information by crossing across different subjects like I have shown you here. There is real power in this.





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