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You have chosen a subject that you are enthusiastic about. Remember this is going to be a lot of fun for you. You are going to be working on something that you really enjoy.

Lets get a website: Right on this page is a full tutorial on creating a free website. It takes you from start to finish with the free Bravenet service.

Part 1: Get a free website that will get you started

Note: If you want to start out with a real website with a real name then skip to part 2 (This will cost you a few dollars a month)

If you are thinking about getting a book on the subject I recommend this one. I own it and it has a lot of information on all aspects of being a webmaster. It is perfect for beginners that want to get themselves up into the intermediate level.

Webmastering For Dummies

Le'ts Get our Free Website!

We are going to use a company called Bravenet. They have been around for a long time and they have great free services for the aspiring webmaster. You can set up your site for free. And you can get all kinds of extras for free like counters, bulletin boards, email, forms, and a whole lot more.


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