More Creative Advertising Ideas - Post your articles to Article Directories

Article Directories are one of the most powerful tools you can use to advertise your website. They do two very powerful things. First let me explain the process of posting an article to a directory.

1. You write an article about a specific subject (related to the subject of your website) , attached to this article is an authors box with your website link enclosed.

2. You submit this to an article directory (Free). They post the article and the authors box.

3. What happens? Wherever your article is posted you get a link to your website (because of the authors box) and this increases your website backlinks which brings you up in the search engine listings. But you also get another benefit. People read your article because they are interested in the content you wrote. This means they are very likely to click on your website link in the authors box and visit your site. After all, your website is all about the same kind of stuff as the article.

This is a fantastic system. You get bonuses in two different ways and you don't have to pay a thing! Webmasters from other websites that like your article may copy it and put it on their website! (With the authors box and link to your website included!) If you have written a popular article you could get a lot of links and a lot of traffic to your website.

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