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Many people check in to this section of my website on a regular basis and seeing as this subject is important to people I am expanding my efforts in the subject of retaining creativity with a website while getting it to earn money.

So what I have done is create a new website where I will focus on this very subject:

Where the Iron of Creativity meets the Anvil of the Website

It is all about cultivating and inspiring creativity while helping you use this creativity in a website. I have lots of good stuff coming to the site including practical advice on designing, running and monetizing a website. How to use associate programs and all the other good stuff that I have here on this site.

I have chosen to build it in a blog format so I can easily maintain lots of information. So if you are a webmaster who wants to apply your creative energy and ideas to a website check it out. Zip on over there now and bookmark it. I just finished the initial design today and have lots of stuff to post up to it over the next few days and weeks. It's going to grow quick.

Just like this site everything is of course free! There are no sales pitches. Just insights and tutorials.




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New additions to this site:
Table of Contents for the Tutorial

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