Keywords and More Keywords

A lot has been said about keywords and there are a lot of tutorials and tons of advice on keywords. I have some straight-forward tips for you when it comes to keywords.

First of all What are keywords?

Keywords are the words on your webpages that google and other search engines look for when they are indexing sites. Let me explain: When a person uses a search engine they type in some words. For example a person wants to find information about vegetarian dragons so they type in "Vegetarian Dragons". Now the search engine looks up what pages are rich in this sequence of words. The engine will display websites that have these keywords. It won't display webpages that don't have these words.

So now what is the catch?

The catch is that there are probably several million webpages that have the same keywords that you have on your page. You have to let the search engine know that these particular words are very important to the page and that the page is all about these words. The goal of the search engine is to find information that the browser needs. If your page has that information then the search engine will rank you well. Hopefully in a top spot somewhere.

So what do you do to get ranked high?

First thing: Make sure your webpage is actually useful to the browser seeking information about the subject. This has to be real. What does the browser seek in relation to these keywords? Is it on the page? So make sure you put good solid information on the page. This is the most important thing.

Second: Arrange the information in a way that the search engine understands that the keywords are very important. Here is how you do that:

You have written lots of information about the particular keyword search term; In our case it is "vegetarian dragons"

Here is a sample text I have written on the subject:

Open the text in a new page- new window will open

Here is an overview of the page:

Vegetarian Dragons

Vegetarian Dragons have long been the red-headed step child of the dragon world. Since the dawn of time this species of dragon has been ridiculed and made fun of. But Vegetarian Dragons are misunderstood in the realm of dragonology. They have gotten the reputation of being docile and meek but in reality they are the meanest of all the Dragons. Wouldn't you be if other dragons always made fun of you?

Why are they vegetarians?

The latest research has shown that the vegetarian dragon has a very unusual three stomach system much like the cow and their diet consists predominantly of a variety of hot peppers. This is how they still generate their fire.

Care and feeding of your vegetarian dragon

Caring for one of this species of dragon can be a real challenge particularly because they eat much more than their meat eating counterparts. A regular dragon can thrive on one meal of a knight or princess every several months and they will spend most of their time sleeping. But a vegetarian dragon has a much faster metabolism and are required to eat on a daily basis. You don't have to feed it chili peppers or any type of hot pepper but if you do not they will not spout any fire.

Different peppers for different effects

One of the most fun aspects is the food variation of peppers. It is a little known fact that the color of the fire that comes from the vegetarian dragons mouth will vary depending on what kind of pepper you feed it. If you feed it red peppers it will spout red fire. If you feed it yellow peppers it will spout yellow fire. And my favorite is the bright green fire that results from feeding your dragon green peppers.

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  • pepper effects on your dragon
  • More information about vegetarian dragons

Okay, what have we done here? We have written some important information about our subject. And we have done some things that will let the search engine know that this is what this page is about. You should first write your information about the subject then tweak it like I have done.

Tweaks to do:

Make sure the title of the page is your keyword term or contains your keyword term. By title I mean the title that shows up in internet explorer browser bar and the large text at the top of the page.

Make sure the keywords appear in the text of your page several times and in different sizes and formats. In this essay I have bold, underline, bulleted and normal text keywords. (They are red so you can identify them easily) Do not color code the keywords in your webpages. The search engines may decide it is spam.

Make sure your head data for the page is correct and keyword rich. The search engine uses this data. The description and keyword accurately reflect what the page is about. Do not manipulate this information in any kind of deceptive way. It should be clear and relevant. Do not overstuff it with keywords.

Here is the head data for our created page:

<title>All About Vegetarian Dragons</title>
<meta name="description" content="Information about Vegetarian dragons. Care and feeding.">
<meta name="keywords" content="Vegetarian dragons">


Research Keywords:

(This is important)

You can't just decide what keyword you are going to have on your webpage. You should understand what you are trying to say and then understand how this fits into what people are looking for.

Let's go to our make money with a website keyword phrase and analyze it.

For this we will be using a free keyword analysis tool. It is the overture keyword suggestor tool.

You want to find the search terms (Keyword group) that are most popular to what your webpage is about. I have entered "Make money with website" in the tool and it gave me these results:

overture keyword tool

The left hand column of numbers is the amount of times particular phrases were used in the search term. You can see that the exact "Make money web site" was used 1753 times and at the bottom "from make money site traffic web" was used only 94 times. The top phrase was used 20 times more than the bottom phrase.

This means that you should target this top phrase and the top phrases with your keywords. (As long as it is exactly what the page is about, remember do not do anything deceptive).

If your title, kewords, headings, underlined words are "from make money site traffic web" you will get substantially less traffic than if your keywords were: "make money web site"

Keyword Summary

Do not manipulate your keywords or practice anything that is deceptive. Create your content around a specific subject for the page then be sure that the page is designed so that the search engine clearly understands what is important on the page. Be sure to design this with high traffic keyword phrases in mind.

Search engines love to find good content and information about subjects! It's what they do. If your webpage has good information and is designed in a way to let the engines know what the important information is you will get traffic.

Additional Note:

I created the Vegetarian Dragon Page on May 10, 2006. Over a little time it should show up in the search engines and rank pretty high. I chose this subject because there are currently very few pages about it. Google gave me only 6 search results. Crank up google and type in with quotes "Vegetarian Dragons" and see if my page has shown up yet!

Remember: Don't make websites and webpages based on what keywords get lots of hits. Make your website based on what you enjoy. Then be sure you apply good keyword research to the page.

Running update: (May 13,) It's only been three days since I posted the Vegetarian Dragons stuff and has already picked up some of it. My webpages come up as listing 12 and 13 in their search for vegetarian dragons. Let's give it some more time and see how we do. search I come up with listings 6 and 9.

Running update continued: Sep 19 2006, My good vegetarian dragon page is in the 5th position right on the first page of the google search results. While the bad page is I have no idea where -not in the first several hundred listing. (Out of 1,900,000 search results)


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