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Part 3: Let's Get Serious - post your material to other sites

One of your important goals in creating a website is the goal of getting people to see you as an expert. Maybe you aren't an "expert" but you do know some things about your subject and there are plenty of people out there who would love to hear what you have to say about the subject. And many of them don't know anything about the subject so they would consider you an expert.

How do you enhance your image as an expert in this subject and how do you get people to see your website as a place to visit if they are interested in the subject?

You have created some content for your website right? Maybe you have some essays? Maybe you have a project? These are valuable things and you can leverage this content by getting it posted on other websites.

The web is hungry for information and you have it. You should package up your material. Start with one essay or one project and pitch the idea to other webmasters. Look for newsletters and columns that are updated regularly and send the webmaster an offer to publish your material on his or her site for free. Of course you get a small blurb and a link back to your website along with the column.

This method is extremely effective. People that frequent the other site will see you as an expert and will want to visit your site for more information. This method also gives you a big boost with the search engines. You have a lot of content rich with keywords about your subject on another site and it is accompanied by a link to your site. The search engines live for stuff like this.

And don't just associate with the small sites. Go for the big professional sites. They are always looking for new content and if your stuff is good they will love to publish it.



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