Podcasting for Profit

Podcasting is a relatively new way to reach your web customers but it has taken quite a hold on the online world and it is a great way for you to connect with your web visitors. Offering them a free podcast is a big bonus for them. Using the spoken word reaches customers in a way that the printed web page can't.

If you have a microphone and a computer you can get some free software and create podcasts at no cost. Podcasting is an excellent way to reach your web customer.

One of the great things about podcasting is that it utilizes push technology. What I mean is that if your visitor likes your podcast they can put the feed into their pod player and every time you create a new podcast they will be notified. You don't have to search them out and let them know that a new podcast is available. Their pod player will seek this information out and notify them.

I have a tutorial on how to podcast. It takes you through all the steps you need to know and it assumes you are starting from the absolute beginning. How to Podcast tutorial for beginners

My second novel (Lion's Last Kill) Is something that I podcast for free to my web visitors. You can listen to it here: Lion's Last Kill The free epic fantasy novel. I podcast a new chapter every week. And note that fruitcast pays me for every download of the podcast.

Making Money when people download and listen to your podcast

There are two basic ways to make money from your podcast.

1. The direct way - Sign up for the free Fruitcast.com program. They insert an ad into your podcast and every time somebody listens to your podcast you get paid. Pretty cool huh?

2. The indirect way - I always talk a little bit about various interesting things I have on my website. For example: You have a new essay or a new tutorial? Point this out to your listener. Be sure to tell them the URL of your homepage. If they have subscribed to your podcast you want them to remember where they found you.


Make sure you tie in your affiliate programs with your podcast. Do you have a book to recommend? Point the listener to a place on your website where they can learn more and purchase the book through an affiliate link.

Use the podcast to point out new stuff on your website. It's a fast way to get the word out. It may take weeks for the search engines to pick up your new webpages but with a podcast you can get the word out quickly.

Podcast regularly - Don't go long periods of time without a podcast. Have the discipline to do one new podcast at least every week. This will keep you fresh in your customers minds.

As you are doing your regular website stuff make sure you keep your podcast in mind. Take notes of things that your podlisteners might want to know more about and include this in your podcasts. You have to make the transition from the printed word to the spoken word.







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