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You can make money by offering your insight and opinions about movies. Everybody loves movies and no doubt you love them too. Can you write reviews and offer your opinion about movies? This is a way for you to make money with your website. You can even do it without paying for website hosting. More about this free approach further down.

Imagine watching movies as a profession. Or at least as a way to make a little side money.

Reviewing Movies for Profit - How to do it

First of all

If you are considering making your own movie review site you have to do this first. You need to decide on the niche your site will be about. You could possibly just do a general movie review site but it would be very hard for you to get search engine ranking. I recommend you specialize in one area such as science fiction, classic movies, current movies, fantasy, horror, cult films, exploitation films, underground films etc. You could even specialize in one particular actor or actress. (although this would limit the number of movies you could review though)

What kind of movie are you really passionate about? This is your answer. If you are passionate about this kind of movie then you will stick with it and you will get good at it. People will enjoy your reviews and come back for more.

There are three steps to this process:

1. Sign up for a netflix account so you can get lots of movies for a reasonable price. It is important that you get lots of movie reviews up on your site. How much money do you spend every month on movie rentals? Netflix has some great programs that start at ten bucks a month? That is probably about two rentals at the nearest video store?

2. Sign up for a free affiliate program so people, after reading your reviews, can buy the movie (you can make 4% of the sale price with Affiliate sign up page

You should also sign up for the Video Universe affiliate program. It is also free and their payout is higher than


3. Get either a website (hosted at a cost and better) or get a free blog (still good)

A. get a website If you want to get a website I recommend you go with the same company I have been hosting with for years now. They have great programs at great prices and impeccable customer service. I had a question once about my .htaccess files and they responded and helped me through the process within minutes of my request. It was a pretty complicated issue and they helped me through it in a breeze.

B. Get a free Blog - I don't recommend you get a free website for your movie review site. They will splatter your page with ugly pop up banners and all kinds of non related advertisement. I strongly recommend you get a free blog. A blog is perfect for a movie review site because it will organize everything and keep all your content fresh. Try a free blog at the

More information

Now you can't just write reviews and expect people to find you. You have to get word of your website or blog out there. You have to make it easy for people to find you. To do this just follow through the tutorials I have listed right here in this website.

Creativity is king: Don't just have an average movie review site. Have a site that is fresh and different. Offer your opinion in unique ways. be creative! Find interesting connections and angles. And most of all - express what you really think.

About good and bad reviews: You might be thinking that if you give a movie a bad review they won't buy it. And there is some definite truth to this. But whatever you do you should never ever give a good review to a movie you didn't like because you want to sell it. This is about trust. You have to be honest with your web visitor. They will appreciate your honesty and will come back for more.

4. Don't forget about Ancillary Products

Owning a movie review site means there are plenty of opportunities for cross-pollination and diversification. One of the things about having a movie review site is that there are plenty of ancillary products you can sell along with the movie. If a customer is interested in the movie they may also be interested in posters of the movie or posters of actors in the movie. There are also plenty of collectibles that are linked in with movies - things like action figures, toys, and much more. Make sure you take advantage of these things.

5. Addendum - The popular short video sites like youtube offer you an excellent opportunity to add videos to your blog. You can put in interviews with stars and movie trailers right on your site or blog. All you have to do is find the video clip you want and cut and paste the small amount of code they give you and voila you have a video right on your site! This is really an excellent addition to your site.





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