Why you should put youtube videos on your site or blog and how!

I preach content all the time! Content, content, and more content! It is how you get good traffic to your site from the search engines for free but...


But, the web is a strange bifurcation of information. Half of it is truly the desire and need for good content and information about any subject. And fulfilling this desire is your first concern. Yet, the web is a visual medium and people are visual creatures. This means that they love pictures, images, drawings, and videos. Videos probably above all.

Youtube is so very successful for this reason. And youtube makes it very easy for you the webmaster to post videos about almost anything right to your site.

All you have to do is find the video you want then cut and paste the code into your site.

When you are on the page of the video you want, in the upper right side you see the tool box. It looks like the image I have here on the right. All you do is copy the code in the embed box (shown in blue) and then paste it into a webpage. You are done! Simple as that.


No fuss at all. So, take advantage of this easy tool and start finding videos related to your website and post them. Your web visitors will love them and will come back for more.

What about wordpress?

If you have a wordpress blog this process gets a little tricky. It doesn't work right! But that is easy to fix.

The real problem with WordPress and Youtube videos lies in the TinyMCE editor that comes with wordpress.

All you have to do is turn off this editor for the post you are working on, and then you paste the youtube code right into the post and you are done!

How to:

You get the code for the video you want from youtube.

But it won't work in Wordpress until you disable your editor. When you are in your normal write post screen there is a link at the very top that says "My Account". Click that link

Then at the bottom of the page that appears you see a little check box called:
Use the visual rich editor when writing - Uncheck that box.
Then press accept and now your write a new post screen changes a bit. Now you can paste the youtube code into your post and it will work.

I do this all the time. But I don't much like the plain editor so after I do my youtube addition and post to the blog I go and change back to the visual rich editor. It's a piece of cake.

Knowing this little trick will open up the library of youtube stuff for use on your blog and will help you capture both ends of the internet spectrum.

Make your own Videos

If you really are serious and want to take this to a new level you really should be making your own videos. There is nothing better than your very own content which has multiple uses. You can post it to your website, to youtube or to any number of other video sites. People, very interested in your subject matter will watch the videos and then come to your site looking for more. It is very targeted and very very effective.


My Home Video Studio

I am pretty serious about adding videos to my website and I do them on a regular basis.( Here is my youtube channel ) I have set myself up with a little video studio. This is where I do stuff like dioramas, model rockets and whatever other projects and subjects I am tackling. The camera I use is a flip video camera and it is a new product on amazon.com








Here is one of my instructional videos on how to make a diorama:

Will Kalif

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