Thinking Creative

This is the way to really launch your website beyond the normal.

(Doing all the hard work by creating the webpages, tutorials, articles, essays, ideas and stuff for your web vistiors will pay off in great traffic and income. But if you want to really take things to the next level you have got to apply some creative thinking to your website. Here is some food for thought on creative thinking)

Early on in this series of tutorials I wrote two almost identical webpages on the subject of Vegetarian Dragons. I made one slight change between the two pages. (It's a change that a person looking at the pages can't even see but it's there) My point for this was to show that if you know a few basic things you can have a big impact on how well your website does.

About the vegetarian dragon pages: If you type vegetarian dragon into google my example webpage comes up in the top ten out of a possible million and something pages. And the bad example page doesn't come up in the first two hundred. No need to look any furhter than that.

Here's the page if you want to peek: Vegetarian Dragons

And here is the tutorial if you want to understand the concept I show

Now to the real point of this tutorial. It is all about verbal creativity. You can use the concept of uniqueness work for you and for your website. Here is an example: I have created a new word called "trunlonia" It is a magical place and it doesn't exist in the search engines. If you type trunlonia into google you get zero search results! This is way cool! Because soon I will own this phrase. Today I created a web page all about Trunlonia and posted it. Soon it will be the only listing in google!

So how is this an example?

This brings me to other types of marketing materials. Do you write? Have you written a book? If so then this is the perfect tie in. People reading your article, book, or whatever will be piqued by a strange new word and you will be shocked by how often they will turn to google and do a search. Sure enough, when they type in trunlonia I have their full and undivided attention.

The point here is that you need to be creative. The web is malleable and so should you! Take advantage of how it works and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Spend some time today brainstorming creative ideas. Write them down and don't leave out any idea no matter how kooky it sounds. You never know what is going to catch on.

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