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How To Make A Terrarium

Here are some great projects on making your own terrarium in a variety of different styles from a dish terrarium to a soda bottle terrarium or animal terrarium.

What is A Terrarium? A terrarium is a miniature landscape with living plants and even sometimes small animals like lizards or turtles. (But not usually people like terrarium man!)





materials for making a terrarium

The fool proof Guide to making a beautiful terrarium in 1 hour

The Fool proof guide to making a beautiful terrarium in one hour! And that includes a trip to the local nursery or Home Improvement Store



The Best Books On amazon.com

Book: Container Gardening for Dummies

Container Gardening For Dummies

Book: The New Terrarium
Book: The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature


New: My Terrarium Making ebook

I spent eight days writing this 40 page ebook and made three terrariums specifically for it. it is my ebook: The Secret art of terrarium making: Revealed! $5.95 by paypal. Read more about it here



My latest Terrarium Making Videos
You can watch a video on how to make both of these terrariums right here on my website.
Make the Box Terrarium
including how to make the box



New project: A terrarium in a terrarium We put together this fun little terrarium. It has moss, plants, and even origami butterflies. And one terrarium right inside the other. Fun and easy. I show you step by step. How to make a terrarium inside a terrarium





Freeze your moss to store it If you are not going to use all the moss you collected or bought you can freeze it to keep it long term. I have had some in the freezer for three months now. Freezing moss



Make a mini Greenhouse
Starting out plants or taking cuttings for plants is a great thing. And a mini home-made greenhouse is perfect for them. Here is a tutorial on how to make a mini greenhouse.





Make an Assassin's Creed Terrarium
Here is a wonderful terrarium in a fish bowl that has a theme from a video game.

Make an Assassin's Creed Terrarium



The Cookie Jar Terrarium
A terrarium can be easy and fun just like this one inside a cookie jar. See a bigger picture and hear how Shirley made this terrarium: The cookie Jar terrarium



Make a Hobbit Terrarium
FThis is a fun little terrarium with Bag End of the Shire. I even have a tutorial on how to make the little hobbit hole. Make a Hobbit Terrarium




Make a Light Bulb Terrarium
Fun little project inside a household lightbulb. I show you how to open up the bulb and we use some amazing little lichen inside including pixie cups.

Make a light bulb terrarium





Tiny Glass Bottle Terrariums
Here are some tiny little terrariums made in tiny jars. They can even be hung on a necklace. Tutorial right here: Make tiny glass bottle terrariums




Small Terrariums make great wedding giveaways
Here is a look at some great little terrariums that were given away at a wedding. Its a unique and wonderful idea. The wedding terrariums


A mason jar terrarium with mushrooms and fungi
Here is a gorgeous terrarium inside a blue lid mason jar. It has some wondeful splashes of mushroom and fungi color. Bigger pics here.







Moss Terrariums!

Moss terrariums are wonderful in their simplicity and beauty. And you can often make one without spending a penny. Just collect up the moss from the outdoors. Add some small accents and they become a beautiful little world. I have some pictures here and a link to my tutorial on making them. Moss terrariums.

If you never made a terrarium this is a great place to start because it is easy and attractive.



The Necklace Terrarium!

Here is a fun little project submitted by a web visitor. It uses tiny little bottles for charms or apothecary. Fun little project and you can wear it as a necklace. Amazon sells all kinds of these little bottles. They are a lot of fun. This particular bottle comes with the cork and eye screw. Make a Necklace Terrarium



The Big Screen TV Terrarium!

How's this for a terrarium project! You know those big screen tv's that really don't see much use any more? Flat screens have replaced them. But you can still use one in another way - a terrarium! Great way to recycle something like this. This project was made by a web visitor and I have lots of pics and information about how he did this project. Gotta check this out!! The Big screen Terrarium




A Cloche Terrarium

Cloche and Bell Jar Terrariums have become very popular, and for good reason. They are beautiful and easy to care for. Here are some pictures of a cloche terrarium submitted by a web visitor. I also have a nice selection of Cloches and Bell Jars for you to check out.




The Enormous Fantasy Terrarium

Step into a magnificent Fantasy Terrarium World. This is a massive six foot terrarium and you have just got to check it out! The Big Fantasy Terrarium




Making a more artistic terrrarium
Terrariums used to be all about creating a small eco-system. This has changed in the past couple of years. Terrariums are now works of living art unto themselves. I have some tips for making a terrarium that is more artistic: Making an artistic terrarium








Get terrarium started with just a mason jar
Here you can see a couple of pictures submitted by a web visitor. They are of a creative little mason jar terrarium. This also shows the wide variety of plants you can use including moss and mushrooms. Mason Jar terrarium





Using old Jars and containers for a terrarium
You might be surprised at some of the wonderful containers you have lying around the house. You might want to consider making a terrarium out of them! Here are a bunch of pictures of old jars, jugs and containers that have been made into terrariums It's a great way to recycle an old container and get something beautiful out of it!


A pair of Frog Terrariums/vivariums
A couple of terrific projects submitted by a web visitor. Here are two frog terrariums complete with all kinds of fun stuff to keep frogs happy. Pattilynn's frog terrariums




Terrariums as a Classrooom Project
Terrariums make a wonderful classroom project for a variety of reasons including stewardship, eco-systems and more. Here are some pictures submitted by a 7th grade science teacher. Classroom terrariums





Make Terrarium Tweezers
Having trouble reaching into your bottle or jug terrarium and need a tool? Here is a quick tutorial on how to make some tools out of coat hangers or copper wire: Make Terrarium Tweezers




Mushroom Terrarium

Mushroom Terrarium TimeLapse video
I just started this project so I don't have the timelapse yet. It will end up to be a short video of the mushrooms sprouting out of the box. In ten days it should be done. I have set up a mushroom terrarium so I can take pics of it as it grows. Pretty interesting project and I am also working on a couple of mushroom terrariums to be coming soon.. Mushroom Terrarium Timelapse




New: Terrarium Accents: I have a selection of miniature accents to add to your terrarium. And I have a few ideas that you might like including using crystals in your terrarium.





Fern in a bottle - the accidental terrarium
Terrariums got their start when a Dr. Ward discovered a fern growing inside a bottle over 150 years ago. I just received an email with pics from someone who found a fern in a bottle. Its a wonderful re occurrence. Read about the fern in the bottle and see more pics of this one: The Fern in the bottle and the Wardian Case





Wardian Case Terrariums A Magnificent Wardian Case Terrarium
You have got to see this terrarium. It is a wardian case and it was made by Mark Y. My thanks to him for submitting the pics and information to this site. Wardian cases were invented in the Victorian Era and they are how terrariums got their start. The Magnificent Wardian Case Terrrarium






New: A Venus Fly Trap Terrarium
They are an amazing and exotic plant. And they are great in terrariums. You just have to know some basic rules of care when it comes to these carnivorous plants. I make a terrarium and give you guidelines for a successful Venus Fly Trap Terrarium This also includes a video tutorial.



New: A new moss terrarium tutorial This is an attractive and easy terrarium made with moss. I show you how to make one and how to care for it. How to make a moss terrarium



BonsaiNew: All About growing bonsai trees I have started a new series of projects and a new section of my website all about the art of Bonsai. I have some tutorials, information and resources including books to buy. Check it out here: The Art of Bonsai





A Note from Will: If you are looking for living moss to make a terrarium or to add to your bonsai this is the perfect stuff. Living Terrarium Moss for Bonsai and terrarium making. Hirts Gardens now sells The perfect moss and it is available on Amazon.com I have ordered two of these and will fill you in on how they are.



Apothecary Jar Terrariums Here are three wonderful terrariums made by a web visitor (Linda D.) Among other things she used peppermint plants and moss which make a wonderful combination. Check out more pictures and some advice here: The Apothecary terrariums



The terrarium RoomThe Terrarium Room Wouldn't this be great? It's like bringing a miniature exotic garden right into the house. It is no doubt a wonderful place to relax and find some quiet time and a little bit of communing with nature. Larger Picture and more here: The terrarium Room



New: Home made terrarium for a climbing plant A web visitor made this terrarium for a climbing Hoya. It is a great example of how you can use a little bit of polycarbonate sheet to quickly make a custom terrarium for a plant or plants that require higher humidity or high heat. This is almost like a little greenhouse. The climbing plant terrarium


Victorian Cloche TerrariumCloche Terrariums This type of terrarium is becoming very popular and a year ago you couldn't find this type of victorian glass bell jar cloche container. Now they are available on amazon.com I have a selection of some of the most popular ones here: Cloche Terrariums




A look at a tree frog terrarium/vivarium A vivarium is a great way to make a terrarium into something special. Here I take a look at a vivarium created by a web visitor: James' Tree Frog Vivarium


Recycled Bottle TerrariumJust a few thoughts on recycling bottles and jars into a terrarium I Maybe it's a little thing but why not recycle and reuse bottles and jars you are going to throw away by making them into terrariums? Here are a few thoughts on this and a picture of a group of easy to make recycled bottle terrariums


A terrarium waterfall

How to make a terrarium waterfall from scratch I show you how to make a small waterfall that you can put in your terrarium. This is a complete tutorial that even includes a how to video How to make a terrarium waterfall


Chris's Rum Bottle Terrarium A web visitor sent me these pictures and tips about making a terrarium inside a rum bottle. This is a great example of using an attractive container that would have otherwise ended up in the recycling bin. The Rum Bottle terrarium

An Aquarium inside a terrarium Here is a terrific new project submitted by a web visitor (Chris D.) It is an aquarium inside a terrarium. Neat idea and a terrarium it takes the idea of a miniature eco-system to a new level. See more pics of it here. He build the glass containers himself. The TerraQuarium!

Skipper's Frog Terrarium A web visitor sent me these pictures of the amazing terrarium she made out of a very big aquarium tank. She collects frogs and used them as a theme. It also has a nice working water fountain. You have got to see these pictures. Skipper's Frog Terrarium


Creative ideas on terrarium making How about making a shadowbox style terrarium with dinosaurs in it? I have this and other ideas on making your terrarium something spectacular. Not hard to do. Creative Terrarium Ideas


How to Make a Micro Terrarium These tiny terrariums have become very popular over the past few years. They are small, easy to care for and easy to make. I have a complete tutorial that uses the smallest flowers in the world. How to make a Micro Terrarium

Make an Organic Diorama Terrarium Very complete tutorial with lots of pictures. How to make an organic diorama terrarium


Popular Projects :

A Moss Terrarium
I have just started working on some Moss terrariums and I have some thoughts, pictures and informatio on them. terrarium is attractive, fun to make and very hardy. Here is a complete tutorial on how to make one. Moss Terrariums






Scouts make terrariums as part of their Naturalist Badge Requirement
This is a great way to teach cub scouts, webelos and boy scouts about nature and the eco system. Check out the pictures of the terrariums these scouts made right here: Cub Scout terrariums


A Desert Themed Terrarium
This kind of terrarium is attractive, fun to make and very hardy. Here is a complete tutorial on how to make one.
A Desert Terrarium

A Terrarium for Kids
Some guidelines and tips for great terrariums that kids can make. Includes a learning sheet that explains how a miniature ecosystem works. Lots of suggestions for selecting a container and plants.
A Terrarium for Kids


Sand Terrarium

Make a Sand Terrarium ? You might remember making sand sculptures in glass containers. A web visitor has taken this technique and created a terrarium out of it. You can use the sand to accentuate the beauty of the plants in the terrarium. See a bigger picture and read more about it here. Colored Sand Terrariums


Tips on making a large Glass Terrarium This page also includes an amazing terrarium that was custom made to fit into a window. Make a glass terrarium tips

Thinking about making a big terrarium? A Big Glass terrarium can be a challenge, but can come out spectacular. Here are some pictures and tips of big glass terrariums submitted by web visitors.


A Window box terrarium Here is another terrific project made by Badia A. It is a Wildlife windowbox terrarium diorama. It is a custom built box with a picture frame front that has small wildlife figures inside. It of course has plants too. See more pictures and get some ideas to make your own here: WindowBox Terrarium




How to make a carnivorous terrarium:Read My tutorial essay on how to make one



Book: The New Terrarium

Book: The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature In The New Terrarium , Tovah Martin, one of America's favorite gardeners, introduces you to the whimsical yet practical world of gardens under glass-a no-fuss way to bring snippets of nature indoors. Wherever you are, in whatever little time you have, terrariums are the perfect tool for nature lovers and gardeners everywhere.



A terrarium inside a terrarium- Here is a great concept that a web visitor has suggested - Make a tiny terrarium and put it inside another terrarium. See more pics and read about these moss terrariums submitted by a web visitor. Terrarium within a terrarium

Raising the hobby of terrarium making to an art I have some thoughts, tips and techniques here on what to think about if you want to bring terrarium making to a whole new level. Terrarium as Art


Tutorial: Overview of Terrarium Building - The basics of how a terrarium is made

Looking for ideas on what kind of terrarium to make? Here are some suggestions on creative terrariums you can make. Creative Terrariums

A Wardian Case

The History of the Terrarium - They were invented by a Man named Ward and in his honor terrariums are often called Wardian Cases. I also have a wonderful selection of Wardian Cases available from Amazon.com both in table top size and floor model: Wardian Cases




The Ten minute terrarium: A video and tutorial on how to make an attractive single plant terrarium in no time at all. I cover selecting the container and selecting the plant and show you how to make it quick and easy. The Ten Minute Terrarium


A terrarium or viviarium with a water pool and pumpWant to add a pool of water and a waterfall to your terrarium or vivarium? Here are some nice pictures and ideas submitted by a web visitor who did just that. This terrarium is terrific. Adding a water pump to your terrarium



The single Plant Zen Terrarium - I call a terrarium with just a single plant in it a "Zen" terrarium because of the elegant simplicity and beauty of it. If you are looking to do something special but without a lot of work you might consider one of these terrariums. I have some pictures submitted by a web visitor and some thoughts on making your own zen terrarium


Low Light Terrarium Plants: Want to make an indoor terrarium for the office, dorm room, apartment or place that doesn't get a lot of sunlight. Here is a list of suggested Terrarium plants that will thrive in low light or indirect light.

Apothecary Jar Terrariums These Jars make stylish and very attractive terrariums and they are small enough for a beginner with a large mouth for easy access. A web visitor has submitted these pics of apothecary jar terrariums learn more here



Although there are many/many varieties of terrariums they can be categorized into three different types:

  1. Open Air Terrarium - This is a type of terrarium that is not enclosed. It has no top and it often has no sides. This type of terrarium is the easiest to make and can usually be done in less than an hour. The dish terrarium is the most common way this type is made.
  2. Self-contained Terrarium - This type of terrarium is completely enclosed so it has its own unique bio system. This type is more difficult to make and to maintain. It is more of a challenge. Several factors make this more of a challenge such as making sure it has the correct amount of water inside and that it gets the right amount of sunlight. This terrarium also often has only a very small top opening which makes it a challenge to get all the plants and materials inside.
  3. An Animal Terrarium - This type of terrarium is more of a showplace for a pet such as a lizard or a turtle. The goal of this type of terrarium is to mimic the type of natural environment the animal would live in. Often times this type has either a jungle or a desert motif.

What Type of Terrarium Would You Like To Make?

A Dish Terrarium This is an easy project and looks really good
A Bottle Terrarium because it is a closed environment this project is more challenging.
A Soda Bottle Terrarium (Fast, easy, inexpensive and fun - nice project for kids.)
A Large Terrarium suitable for pets A big project that takes some time but is a very rewarding project for you and a pet.
  How to Make a Carnivorous Terrarium - This can be a dramatic and fun project. Learn how
More Terrarium Information

Classic Fish Bowl Looking for something that looks good and is easy to use for a terrarium? This classic fish bowl is perfect and inexpensive. Available at Amazon.com



I have even More Terrarium Projects Here


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